Life Care Tips for Scoliosis

In addition to exercise, a range of home management solutions may help. These include:

  • Bracing. Bracing may prevent a spinal curve from getting worse, reduce pain, and improve mobility. The right bracing strategy depends on the type of scoliosis a person has, so talk to a doctor before trying a brace.
  • Choosing the right furniture. An ergonomic chair or mattress may better support the spine and back, reducing pain.
  • Massage. Some people find that massage helps with scoliosis pain.
  • Chiropractic treatment


Scoliosis ranges from mild to severe. In some cases, observation and home exercises are sufficient to correct a spinal curve.

In more severe cases, a person may need additional treatment, including bracing, surgery, and physical therapy.

Because scoliosis can affect a person’s mobility and overall well-being, it is vital to see a scoliosis expert before deciding on a treatment course

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