How To Study While You’re Stressed ?

Stress occurs naturally in students, who are overwhelmed balancing multiple classes and extra activities. And studying provide another monster conductive to stress, and some students choose to turn to unhealthy ways of coping : alcohol, drugs, smoking, overeating etc. However there are enough other healthier way to deal and in this article we will discuss about How To Study While You’re Stressed ?

How To Study While You’re Stressed ?

Many students experience significant amount of stress, and this stress can take a significant toll on health, happiness and grades.

According a study by American Psychological Association, teens reports stress levels similar to adults.

That means they are also experiencing significant levels of chronic stress.

This is not good for us because it can affect us in several ways such as, health-related behavior like disturbed sleep, diet, feeling of not doing anything, social cut-off etc.

An NYU study found that much of high school students’s stress originates from school and activities and this chronic stress can persist into college years and lead to academic disengagement and mental health problems.

What Are The Causes of This Stress ?

Common sources of student stress are –

  • School
  • Homework
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Social Challenges
  • Transitions
  • Relationships
  • Being bullying by smart kids or seniors
  • Part time jobs
  • Financial crisis
  • Parents Divorce

Best Ways To Decrease Stress From Studying :

1. Have A Good Sleep –

How To Study While You're Stressed ?

Yes, because students, with their packed schedules are notorious for missing sleep.

But unfortunately, operating in a sleep-deprived state puts you at a distinct disadvantage .

Because you’re less productive, you may find it more difficult to learn, and you may even be a hazard behind the wheel.

So from now onward Never Neglect your sleep schedule. And always try to get at least 8 hour sleep at night and power naps whenever you feel to.

2. Breathing –

How To Study While You're Stressed ?

It’s important because when our body is experiencing stress response, we’re often not thinking as clearly as we could.

And a quick way to calm down is to practice breathing exercise.

This is the most useful and simple way because it can be done virtually anywhere and can relieve stress in minutes.

And are especially effective for reducing anxiety before or even during the test.

Have a test tomorrow and are you feeling stressed ?

Take deep breath for five minute, calm your mind, don’t think about test or test results because there is nothing you can do about the results but no doubt there is one thing you can do for sure, that is – TRY, give your best shot.

Never be afraid of failure because someone said that –

Ever Tried ! Ever Failed ! No Matter, Try Again, Fail Again. Fail Better because it’s the road to success.

3. Music –

How To Study While You're Stressed ?

We all love music, right ? Yes we does because it gives pleasure to our mind and relaxes it.

A convenient stress reliever that also shown many cognitive benefits, music can help you to relieve stress and either calm yourself down or stimulate your mind as your situation warrants.

This can also be helpful while studying, but can also be a great strategy to use while walking around on campus or gearing up for tests.

4. Eat Healthy –

How To Study While You're Stressed ?

You may not realize it, but your diet can either boost your brain power or sap you of mental energy.

While a healthy diet isn’t generally thought of as a stress management technique or a study aid, but it can function as both.

Improving your diet can keep you away from diet-related mood swing, light – headedness and more.

5. Self Hypnosis –

Students often found themselves “getting very sleepy” but – all kidding aside – self hypnosis can be an effective stress management tool and a powerful productivity tool as well.

Because with it, you can help yourself releasing tension from your body and stress from your mind and plant the seeds of success in your subconscious mind with the power of autosuggestion.

6. Relax Your Mind And Muscle –

Do some yoga or Tai Chi. Or give yourself a massage.

Or you can do what i usually do when i feel need to relax my body and mind –

” I close my eyes, and i just imagine myself on a wonderful beach, and I’m surrounded by fun people, we’re doing the limbo, and enjoying the sun”.

7. Get Your Heart Pumping –

Two things that are vital while studying for your degree – Tiring yourself out with exercise will improve sleep, and also reduce your stress level.

Confused what exercise to do ? Click Here

8. Talk It Out –

When you’re feeling pent up and anxious about your studies and exams, the pressure can feel overwhelming.

A Really get way to handle the situation is to talk to your peers about what you are going through.

Why I’m suggesting this to you is, because you might find that they are feeling exactly the same way, ” A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved!”.

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