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Want to lose weight ? But want to eat fast-food ! Hahaha sounds crazy ? But you can do it . In today’s post we will discuss how to lose weight without diet.

How to lose weight without diet –

  • Never skip your breakfast Skipping breakfast won’t help you lose weight. Because you may end up snacking more throughout the day cuz you feel hungry.
  • Eat Regular Meals Eating at regular times during the day helps you to burn calories at a faster rate. If you eat on time regularly, your brain won’t ask you to eat snacks or other fatty stuffs.
  • Choose Smartly – Yes, choose wisely what to eat. There are plenty of food which are high in nutrition but with less fat, and vice-versa so choose wisely.
  • Get More Active – Being active is key to losing weight and keep it off. Exercise will help you to burn out your calories and fat n will keep you healthy. Watch Our Tutorial of Easy 5 minute morning yoga to start your day – CLICK HERE

How to lose weight without any restrict diet : Life Care

  • Drink Plenty Of Water – I know what you are thinking right now, but before you go in deep lemme tell you something. When we are thirsty, n if we eat something, our body complete our water requirement from that food instead of asking you to drink. Your body go the water it needed, but your body don’t know how to deal with this extra fat and guess what ! It will make you more fat.
  • Use Smaller Plates – I already discussed this before in my previous articles. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Don’t Ban Food – Don’t ban or skip any food from your diet. Sounds crazy ? Wait lemme explain – Banning food will only make you crave them more. Its your brain.
  • Cut Down on Alcohol – Yes, a glass of wine contains more calories than a piece of chocolate. But still you can go for it, but don’t be so obsessed with it.
  • Plan Your Week – Yes plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Don’t plan for a month at all but the best way is to plan daily if you can or plan for a week. NEED HELP ? BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH OUR DIETITIAN AND PLAN YOUR DIET – CLICK HERE
  • Go for the Grains – Choose whole-wheat breads and pastas, brown rice, bran flakes, popcorn, and whole-rye crackers.
  • Eat Slowly – Don’t eat too fast, eat slowly, chew it properly.

How to lose weight without diet : Life Care

Life Care
  • Switch to Lighter Alternatives – Whenever you can, use the low fat dairy products, mayonnaise and other products.
  • Sleep well and avoid Stress – In a case study it was found that peoples with stress are more likely to get fat because we make wrong choices when we are in stress and is one of the strongest factor responsible for obesity in more than 76% Cases. Don’t stress yourself. Have stress ? Read my this article to get help and relief from stress – Click Here
  • Control Sugary Drinks – Yes as i already told you bout it, Right ? In my next article i will discuss about it in a broader aspect so sit tight and stay tuned with Life Care, because you will find the best Healthcare tips and services here 24/7*365 days.
  • LOOKING TO CUT BACK SUGAR ? WE WILL GIVE YOU SWEET SUGGESTIONS – mail us with your Name, Address, Contact details ( probably your phone no. with your country code ), age to – [email protected] or Call us anytime 24/7 on our toll free no. – +1 (562)-576-9615

How to lose weight without diet. Below are some more details –

Life Care

Low Carb-Vegetables ( How to lose weight without diet )

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber

Fat Sources ( how to lose weight without diet )

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Butter

Remember Starving won’t help you to lose weight, it will just gonna make this whole thing more worst. If you have a medical situation i strongly recommend you to take advice from an doctor. You Can Book your online appointment with our doctor – CLICK HERE

Drink this every morning for best results –

No, not the regular warm water with honey and lime juice or just cold water. Soak two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. Strain the seeds and drink it first thing in the morning. Fenugreek seeds boost metabolism and keep you active throughout the day, and the water helps flush the toxins out of your body.

Drink Green Tea

Yes try to switch to Green Tea, and avoid milk tea or black tea if you can. Green tea will also help you as more as 40 times to burn calories instead of usual milk tea.

Enjoy a Cheat Day ( How to lose weight without diet )

Life Care

Well, call it an “I earned it” day, not a cheat day. If you are mostly or fully successful in following a better lifestyle, you have earned a cheat day. On this day, you can consume an extra 500 calories and have any food you like. But you must not exceed the extra 500 calories mark. Cheat days help you lose weight by preventing your metabolism from plateauing. By having a cheat day, you will keep your body guessing, which will keep the cells and metabolism active.

Count Your Steps

This may be a best choice for you if you really wanna work with your fat, i will recommend you. Ever thought of the fact that whether we are at work or home, we sit almost 24/7? And did you know that just by walking 15-20 minutes, you can improve your health tenfold? Whether at office, school, or home, you must walk. Get up and take a walk every hour. Walk to your nearest grocery store, walk or bike to and from office, walk alone, with your date or your pet, walk around your home, and take the stairs instead of elevator.

Laugh A Lot

Laughter is considered to be the best way to lose weight without dieting. A giggle increases your heart rate and blood circulation and tones your abdominal muscles, hence providing a natural cardio workout. Laughing heartily five times a day has the same benefits as 10 minutes on a rowing machine. And 10-15 minutes of solid laughter can burn 50 calories, which can result in burning 4.4 pounds in a year.

Meditate ( How o lose weight without diet )

Well this will gonna help you out for most of problems, you may increase your will power. My next article will be on Meditation so stay tuned with us. Life Care : The Care You Need, The Compassion You Need

Stick Motivational Quotes

Yes, it will make you more confident and i’m pretty sure that you already knows lack of confidence, you may lose all. If you feel depressed or need any assistance you can hire Our VIRTUAL HEALTHCARE ASSISTANT, ANDY. She will never let you feel down. CLICK HERE to Hire

Hey Take Care Because You Love Your Body, Right ?

Life Care

People confuse the two. Love your body and lose weight. No one is saying that you need to lose weight to love your body. That’s a trap. What we are saying is, you love your body and therefore, must take care of it. If you feel healthy and are fit and active, you don’t need to lose weight. But if your physical and mental health are getting affected, you should consider losing the extra flab – without attaching “lose weight” to any negative emotion. You should take care of your body the way it takes care of you.

The Care You Need, The Compassion You Deserves :

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