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  • "The Best Leaders Have A High Consideration Factor.They Really Care About Their People."


  • "I think gratitude and focusing on the little things is really important for leaders"
    Amber J


  • "The needs of patients don't really fit into an eight-hour day, and the responsibility we have as leaders doesn't either. Leadership is largely about communication, and it doesn't fit neatly into a workday, especially in a patient care environment."
    Dr. Deepali Verma


  • "I'm a firm believer that as leaders, there's certain work that we need to be in the driver's seat conducting. We can't delegate all of it."
    Abhay Verma


  • "I do snack rounds at least once a month, where I take some goodies out, visit a floor and just talk to people. I think I'm highly visible and engaged with my frontline team because I recognize their importance to the organization."
    Jane McCurly


16th January 2020

How To Study While You’re Stressed ?

Stress occurs naturally in students, who are overwhelmed balancing multiple classes and extra activities. And studying provide another monster conductive to stress, and some students

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Free Health Checkup

Life Care set up Free Health Checkup Camp with a sacred aim to bring awareness among the population who may have no access to basic

10th December 2019

How long does the flu last ? Louisiana, Life Care

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20th November 2019

Everything you need to know about UTI : Life Care

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